This weekend, my husband has become holiday obsessed. Suddenly, the world is our oyster and we are heading somewhere sunny. The destination is up for debate though, none of us can seem to agree where to go. I know it’s a good problem to have – but for some reason, the only place I want to go is home. Luckily, we treat trips back to Nova Scotia, Canada (photo above!) as an annual expense – after all, visiting my family and friends at home is not a “luxury”. So, the three of us listed our top contenders: Dubai, Florida or… View Post

  It might not feel very spring-like at the moment thanks to the horrendous weather, but I’m hoping for sunshine around the corner. If you are bundled up at home this weekend, why not take an hour or two to go over your household bills to see if you could save hundreds of pounds? Every year I challenge myself to see by how much I can cut the annual cost of my household bills. I know, I know, it’s a rock and roll lifestyle I lead, but I figure that the more that I save on stuff I don’t even… View Post

  With the temperature falling in recent weeks, there’s no denying that winter is definitely here. But the cold weather and dark nights don’t mean you have to wear an extra jumper around the house for fear of facing a massive energy bill. There are a few things that I refuse to scrimp on – and heating my home is one of them. But this doesn’t mean I am foolish with my energy use – I have had loft and cavity wall insulation installed and I always make sure that I am on the cheapest energy tariff to account for… View Post

If you are a regular reader of, you know that I love getting a good deal. I believe that we should always try to get the most bang for our buck, no matter what our budget. Regardless of what you earn, why pay more for the same product or service if you don’t have to? Whether it is a household staple or a personal luxury, why should you spend more than necessary? Starting today, I’m launching a money-saving campaign called Cash Spring Clean. You may wonder why I would chose today to kick off a moneysaving campaign – after… View Post

  UK shoppers are planning to spend an estimated £4.5bn in this year’s Black Friday sales, the equivalent of £165 per household, according to research from Go Compare, the comparison website. Black Friday officially kicks off today, but a third of us will splash our cash in the November sales bonanza that seems to last for weeks. What’s more, we have high expectations for hefty discounts too. A study by found that while consumers hoped to save just £66 last year, now we have our sights set on a reduction of £193 – a savings of 47 per cent.… View Post

  It’s November! Not only does that mean that Christmas is around the corner, but it is also the month of my birthday – oh, and my husband’s too. His lands on the 6th of November and mine falls less than a week later on the 12th – which makes for a lot of celebrating in less than a week. So, I’ve pulled together a list of the best offers and freebies out there that you can bag around your birthday. Bear in mind that most birthday offers require you to sign up a month before the actual day and can’t… View Post