Massive Windfall? Here is what to do to make it last (ad)

Have you ever dreamt about winning the lottery or finding out about a huge inheritance from a long-lost relative that you never knew even existed?

Of course you have – we have all daydreamed about what we would do with the cash should a lump sum fall into our lap.

But I bet few of us have actually thought about how we could make this money last? While a million quid might be a life-changing amount of dosh, it’s not enough to give up our jobs and settle down in a mansion with domestic staff to wait on us hand and foot.

Last month, Lottoland got in touch as asked me to speak to financial experts on what is the best way to invest a massive windfall so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

Here is what I found out – what would you do if you found yourself suddenly rolling in the dough? Anything different?

Note: I’ve included the word “ad” in the headline as the Lottoland link was was a commissioned article that I was paid to do in my day job as a freelance financial journalist rather than a direct blog collaboration.

I just wanted to be crystal clear that I was paid to write the article as any writer would be at work – better safe than sorry and all that.

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