Now that you know the tricks that these discount retailers use to get you to spend more, why not beat them at their own game? Here are five ways to make your money go further at the pound shop. 1 COMPARE PRICES ON THE SHOP FLOOR A good way to ensure you are getting the best value for money is to compare prices on the shop floor. Download the “My Supermarket” app on your phone so that you can quickly access the prices of products across major retailers. The is especially useful if you are a fan of the supermarket… View Post

  It’s hard to walk down your local high street without passing a pound shop. From Poundland and Poundworld, these discount shops are everywhere – it seems business is booming. These single-price discount retailers all work on a simple premise where nearly everything costs £1 (or 99p) and the goods are bulk-bought cheaply and stacked high. To be successful, the shops must shift large volumes of stock, and it seems that they are doing just that. How many times have you popped in for “just one thing” and left with a basket full of goods. I often take my five-year-old… View Post

    I’ve noticed a bit of a pattern recently. When the weather warms up, I feel the need to get in shape. It’s not because I’m trying to get my body “beach ready” (whatever that is anyway!), but simply because the sunshine gives me an energy boost and the longer days means I don’t have the excuse of refusing to run by myself in the dark. Admittedly, I have yet to hit the ground running, but I have good intentions. I’ll start tomorrow. Yes, definitely tomorrow. Ha! Early in January, like just about every person, I was tempted to… View Post

  It might not feel very spring-like at the moment thanks to the horrendous weather, but it’s May finally – yay! – and I’m hoping for sunshine around the corner. This is also the month where my car insurance is up for renewal, and every year I use that as reminder to spring clean my finances. One evening, I sit down and I go over all my household bills and I challenge myself to see by how much I can cut the annual cost. I know, I know, it’s a rock and roll lifestyle I lead, but I figure that… View Post

I don’t want to brag, but when it comes to teaching my daughter safety and good manners, I like to think that I’ve got it well and truly under control. Yet when it comes to educating our kids about money, few parents know where to start. Myself included. In fact, according to research from Yorkshire Building Society, just a quarter of us regularly talk to our children about money, But parents are the biggest influence on their children’s financial habits, yet we don’t talk about money. It seems like a massive taboo somehow. What’s more, unlike other parts of parenthood, there… View Post

  Shacking up, cohabiting or living in sin. However you label it, it means the same thing – moving in with your partner before you walk down the aisle first. Luckily, gone are the days when it was considered scandalous to move in with your partner before marriage. In fact, these days I’d be more shocked if friends of mine waited until after their wedding to live together for the first time. Couples who live together without being married are now the fastest-growing type of family in the UK, with figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showing that the… View Post