Since the start of 2018, I have been writing the Bargain Hunter page in The Metro newspaper. Each week I pull together ten handy money-saving hacks – and it has proven so popular, I thought I would share some of my favourites. Do you have any clever ways to cut costs? 1 Ex-display footwear for a fraction of the cost Fancy a new pair of red Hunter wellies for £52 instead of £95? Or what about a pair of women’s Adidas Stan Smith’s for £33 rather than £74.99? High street chains Office and Schuh each have a website –… View Post

    It seems everyone is at it these days. I’m doing it at least once – sometimes twice – a week, several of my friends claim that it has “changed their lives”; even my husband thinks it’s the best thing since the sliced bread. But it’s not the latest health craze that we are all obsessed with, oh no. It just seems that we’ve all caught a case of discount-shop-itis. What’s more, it isn’t just one shop that has everyone in a tizzy, but rather a handful of retailers right on your very own high street. For some, it’s… View Post

  It’s not long until the summer holidays kick off, and the thought of planning six whole weeks of entertaining can feel daunting. We spend our summers at home in Nova Scotia, Canada, but don’t worry – I’ve pulled together a list of eight cheap and cheerful – and often free! – things you can do in the UK to keep your little ones busy over July and August. What are your top tips for keeping your little nippers happy?   1 For nature lovers If you are like me and the thought of a wander through the woods is… View Post

    Savvy shoppers know that in order to get the best bargain, it is all about getting the timing right. But did you know that what day of the week you buy impacts the price too? Here is your guide to the the best days of the week to buy just about anything.   SUNDAY If you fancy a bit of a boozy brunch, head to Las Iguanas and choose a starter, main and enjoy unlimited prosecco or Brahma beer for £24.95. Two-hour slots are available Sundays 11am-5pm and are by reservation only. If you are looking to make… View Post

  There are nearly eight million people living alone in the UK according to figures from the Office of National Statistics and it turns out that they are spending £21 a week more on average than those living as a couple. Whether you’re single by choice, or as a result of a recent breakup or divorce, living on your own presents some unique financial challenges. As you’re the only one bringing in the money – and paying down those bills – you need to be sure that you’re making the most of what you have. Thankfully there are ways of… View Post

Now that you know the tricks that these discount retailers use to get you to spend more, why not beat them at their own game? Here are five ways to make your money go further at the pound shop. 1 COMPARE PRICES ON THE SHOP FLOOR A good way to ensure you are getting the best value for money is to compare prices on the shop floor. Download the “My Supermarket” app on your phone so that you can quickly access the prices of products across major retailers. The is especially useful if you are a fan of the supermarket… View Post