Join me in a Cash Spring Clean

Join me for a eight-week challenge to get more bang for your buck, no matter what your budget. There's a new topic every week. How much money can you save?

If you are a regular reader of, you know that I love getting a good deal. I believe that we should always try to get the most bang for our buck, no matter what our budget.

Regardless of what you earn, why pay more for the same product or service if you don’t have to? Whether it is a household staple or a personal luxury, why should you spend more than necessary?

Starting today, I’m launching a money-saving campaign called Cash Spring Clean.

You may wonder why I would chose today to kick off a moneysaving campaign – after all, January is nearly over. But today is known as Blue Monday, the day consumers find the hardest. It’s dark, it’s cold and it seems a million years since payday. To make matters worse, this is around the time when your Christmas credit card bills will be popping into your post box.

So it’s not surprising that nearly a third of us started the New Year feeling uneasy about our finances, according to research from StepChange the debt charity.

More than 70% of consumers who relied on credit to cover the cost of Christmas will take up to six months to repay their debt according to figures from Leeds Building Society, while 23% of those who paid on plastic needed longer – racking up hefty interest payments and impacting their 2019 budgets.

You may or may not have managed to get through Quitter’s Day without falling off the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon, but chances are you are starting to think about booking a holiday before the recent cold front rolls in.

Over the next eight weeks I will sharing money-saving tips and tricks that will help you cut costs that will help beef up your bank balance. With each week covering a different theme from household bills, insurance, travel, fashion, luxuries, kids, banking/investments and food, there is really an unlimited number of ways for you to get more for your money.

Cash Spring Clean Printable


What’s more, I have this handy printable above where you can record any savings you make across the eight weeks, so you can see in black and white, just how much more cash you will have in your pocket.

I want to hear your top moneysaving hacks tips and how you are doing on your Cash Spring Clean savings challenge, so please follow along with us and keep those comments coming. Don’t forget to mark your social media posts with #cashspringclean so we can watch your progress – and celebrate your success.



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