The other night, I couldn’t sleep and fell into an eBay wormhole. It all began with an innocent search for Diptyque candles – and you wouldn’t believe what I found… Once these beautiful candles melt, people are actually flogging the empty glass jars for as much as £24 – recouping 51% off the £47 cost of the 190g item itself. My mind was blown. Before I knew it, I had found… View Post

Have your beloved GHDs died a slow death? Well don’t throw those bad boys into the rubbish bin – you can get paid to “recycle” them and earn some cash towards a new pair: websites such as GHD Spares, for instance, specialises in spares and repairs, and will pay as much as £20 for a broken set. All you do is then package up your straighteners with the forms found… View Post