Good deals come to those who wait, or so that saying goes. Throughout the year, retailers adjust their prices as demand for different items fluctuates, that’s why planning when shopping is crucial when looking for a bargain. Here is my guide to the best time of year to make your purchase.   JANUARY The January sales are known for bargain prices, but this is especially true when it comes… View Post

  Did you know that more than three quarters of what is on eBay is actually brand new and not sold in an auction? I certainly didn’t. Well, not until the team at eBay got in touch after reading my latest Bargain Hunter column in The Metro. While I have written about eBay outlets in the past when I worked at The Telegraph, but it seems that in the last… View Post

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Thank goodness it’s Friday. It’s hard to believe that another week is almost over – it’s time to share five fabulously frugal things that I did this week to save money. 1 MADE DO AND MENDED – EVERYTHING I COULD FIND We all have a fraying mobile phone charger or a suitcase with a broken zipper at home which is destined for the bin. But… View Post

For Christmas this year, my husband kindly gave me an Amazon Echo – and so far, I love it. In fact, I wish I had one in every room. It’s great for listening to podcasts and my Audible audiobooks, plus the reminder function is very handy. Plus, now that my daughter is back at school and my home office is terribly quiet, it’s almost like Alexa is my new colleague,… View Post

  What can I say? I love magazines. It started as a kid with my monthly edition of Highlights Magazine, the Canadian version of a Blue Peter comic, then through my teenage years, it was YM and Sassy magazines that I would read cover-to-cover. As an adult, my tastes slowly changed, moving from Glamour and Red Magazine to Ideal Home and Good Homes. However, magazines don’t come cheap – especially if… View Post